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5 Ways to Say Happy Valentines Day With Food

February is started , here Valentine Week about to start from 7 Feb – 14 Feb. Where as Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February. Just like any other festival, this day of love, passion, and romance is also highly related to the various “love foods” which makes it even more special for the special ones. It is rightly said that food is the universal language of love and the best way to express your feelings. Whether it’s a meal out in Best Indian Restaurant Richmond or a short snack break in a popular cafe house, food is a great way to surprise the women in your life with a valentine day message.

Here are 5 ways to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ with food:

1.Heart – Shaped Chocolate-Rose Bouquet

Order chocolate-rose bouquet and put your gift inside. When she notices the gift, greet her by saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. Make sure that the gift is something she is fond of.

2.Cake With Your Proposal Message

Order a cake with your valentine message inscribed on it in icing and top it with a ring. As she reads the cake, get down on one knee and say the magical three words. Next, celebrate your valentine day with your cake and her favorite food to make her feel loved on this special day.

3.Pop the Ring in a Fruit Smoothie

While you and your loved one are relaxing at your favorite luxury hotel in Mumbai, secretly request the hotel staff to freeze a ring in an ice cube and pop it into her glass of fruit smoothie. Once she receives the glass to drink and notices the ring in it, get down on one knee and greet her with a lovely Valentine’s Day message

4.Delectable Fermented Beverages

If the woman in your life loves fermented beverages, order some exotic healthy red wine in a glass garnished with words “I Love You” on the top. Conversational messages also work if you wish to say something to her. Give her time to read the message so that your feelings are sent across calmly. Next, raise both your glass for the “cheers” and celebrate your valentine’s day with a smile.

5.Hide Your Valentine Ring Inside A Sandwich

Typically food proposals involve champagne and desserts. But, if you wish to do something different you can also hide your valentine ring or gift in a delicious sandwich. You can request the hotel staff to decorate the sandwich in a way that she is able to find your ring/gift inside. Once she finds the ring/gift, just wish her with a Valentine greeting.

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